Episode 22b - Super PACs: Dark Money in Elections

Episode Notes

Democracy Speaks! Episode 22 (a&b) – Super PACs: Dark Money in Elections

On this week’s program, I’ll be discussing Super PACs: Dark Money in Elections. What are Super PACs and Dark Money? What created them? How are they being used? How are they effecting elections and democracy? And what can be done about them?

We’ll also hear from a people championing campaign finance reform and tacking dark money flooding our political and electoral system.

Credits: 1. Senator John McCain, AZ – McCain on Citizens United, from 2012 interview with PBS News Hour's Judy Woodruff 2. “Dark Money” Documentary – from film’s trailer 3. Senator Elizabeth Warren, MA - Senator Warren Delivers Floor Speech Condemning Dark Money in Politics, April 2018 4. Voters, Assemble! – from cartoon by Bryan Warner 5. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, RI - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on Dark Money and the Federal Courts, Center for American Progress event, May 2018 6. John Bonifaz, founder and president of Free Speech for People - speech from Democracy Awakening, regarding need for a 28th Amendment and to create court challenges to these decisions, Washington DC, April 2016 7. Journey to Victory in St. Petersburg Documentary – describes the journey and victory in St. Petersburg, FL adopting the “Defend Our Democracy Ordinance” restricting Super PACs and foreign money in local elections 8. OpenSecrets.org 9. FreeSpeechForPeople.org 10. DarkMoneyWatch.org 11. FixDemocracyFirst.org

Host: Cindy Black Technical Support: Christian Heilman

Intro & exit music: Democracy by Leonard Cohen

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